The use of a salt room for therapeutic purposes is also known as halotherapy, derived from the Greek word “halos,” meaning salt. This type of therapy began to be used in the 19th century when it was observed that miners in salt mines in central and eastern Europe did not suffer from any respiratory problems.
Halotherapy is based on inhaling air containing micro-particles of natural rock salt in a salt room. This room mimics the natural salt cave with a healing microclimate, and a halogenerator further disperses aerosol particles into the room.

Between 25°C and 29°C

Air humidity:
 Between 40 and 60%

Recommended time:
Between 10 and 40 minutes

Staying in a salt room has a positive impact on respiratory pathways and heart function, relaxes the nervous system, and helps alleviate stress. It is beneficial for individuals suffering from conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, and allergies. Salt therapy is also used for the prevention of viruses and colds.

Rock salt crystals are natural ionizers and improve air quality by producing negative ions found only at the sea, around waterfalls, and in the air after a storm. A 40-minute stay in the salt room is said to be equivalent to three days spent at the seaside. Optimal results are achieved after 5 to 8 sessions.
The floor of the salt room is covered with a thick layer of Himalayan salt, and individuals enter the room with disposable leg covers that are discarded afterward. Halotherapy is a completely natural method with numerous beneficial effects on both mental and physical health, but it cannot replace medication therapy.
After the salt room, it is recommended to use a saltwater pool.

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